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ENDUR isn't a garment treatment or a coating. It's a fiber.

ENDUR Technology fibers deliver permanent functionality in your fabric blends, giving you unparalleled design freedom and a key differentiator from competitors. ENDUR's unique anti-static technology will give your products a new level of exclusivity.

Changing the game in the apparel industry isn't easy. Differentiate your company and its products with ENDUR.


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ENDUR's active fibers are functional and comfortable so you balance work and life with ease, throughout the day.
When clean and free-flowing appearances are essential, ENDUR fabrics help improve drape and stop cling, to keep you looking your best.
With ENDUR Technology fibers, you collect less dust, lint and static as you walk across carpets, rugs and other surfaces. 
ENDUR fibers smooth free-flowing materials and provide enhanced layering comfort for shapewear applications. And because it's a fiber, there is no chemical finish - ideal for a next-to-skin application.
Medical and uniforms77c23ac05a4d342d069cd1c8707a9b54.png
ENDUR anti-static fibers keep allergenic debris, dust and other particles to a minimum for professionals working in sterile, highly-oxygenated environments.
ENDUR fibers keep workers in uniform perfectly pressed, pristine and ready for work.
With ENDUR, children's clothes won't pick up lint, dust or shock like other material can. It's also safe against skin, ideal for children's wear.

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