CoolVisions® polypropylene fiber is among the lightest of all commercial fibers.An increased number of polypropylene fibers per kilogram of fabric offers added value compared to many other fibers.

Improves coverage for the same  weight

Equal coverage in lighter weight fabrics for comfortable garments and better value


CoolVisions® fibers are inherently softer for greater comfort.

Moisture Management

  • CoolVisions® polypropylene outperforms  all other fibers with low moisture absorption and excellent moisture transport providing the industry's fastest drying garments.

  • CoolVisions® polypropylene transports moisture away from the skin to the surface keeping the wearer dry and comfortable. A low moisture regain indicates the ability of the material to remain dry.


  • CoolVisions® polypropylene fibers have  excellent toughness and abrasion resistance resulting in durable products that wear longer than most other fibers.

Thermal Insulation

  • CoolVisions® polypropylene fibers provide better insulation than most other fibers. Insulation power is the ability to Prevent heat conduction through the fiber, relative to the insulation power of air. In cold weather, the greater the insulation power, the greater warmth felt in the fabrics.


Stain Resistance

  • Stain resistance is one of the superior advantages of CoolVisions® dyeable polypropylene fibers. Polypropylene fiber is inherently resistant to water-based stains.

Chlorine Bleach Resistance

  • Bleach and other household cleaning chemicals do not affect CoolVisions® dyeable polypropylene fibers.



What are the benefits of CoolVisions®?

  • CoolVisions® has better chemical and stain resistance when compared to other fibers.
  • The fiber is much lighter providing better coverage with less garment weight and fiber content.
  • CoolVisions® has excellent thermal insulation properties.
  • Moisture management polyesters have engineered "channels" to transport moisture. To avoid the "blocking" of these channels, garments should not be laundered with fabric softeners or dryer sheets. CoolVisions® does not require channels for moisture management and is not affected by fabric softeners.

What are the advantages of CoolVisions® dyeable polypropylene fibers vs. solution dyed polypropylene?

  • A wider range of colors including seasonal fashion colors are now available without having to purchase the large minimums required for specialty colors in solution dyed product.
  • Dyeable greige goods will facilitate significant improvement in production times and speed to market.
  • The cost associated with inventory for low volume, slow moving and obsolete solution dyed colors is eliminated.


What are the laundering specifics?

  • Machine wash cold. CoolVisions® dries very quickly. Lay flat to dry or tumble dry on low permanent press cycle. Use cool iron if needed. Do not dry clean.

What types of CoolVisions® products / yarns are available?

  • Staple fiber for ring spinning is currently available. Development activities are underway on air jet yarn spinning and filament products.

Can CoolVisions® be modified to provide other performance features?

  • Performance enhancements such as anti-microbial properties are being investigated.

Do you have to invest in special equipment to spin, knit, weave or dye and finish CoolVisions®?

  • No. CoolVisions® processes efficiently on equipment currently in place in the textile industry.

What special processing considerations are necessary for CoolVisions®?

  • The yarn spinning, knitting and weaving procedures for CoolVisions® are done in a similar manner to current pigmented polypropylene products. The dyeing procedure mirrors the same steps used for disperse dyeing polyester. Lower temperatures can be used for dyeing and are required for the finishing process.

Is CoolVisions® bleach cleanable like solution dyed polypropylene?

  • Yes!

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