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DuPont™ Susterra® Propanediol

DuPont™ Susterra® Propanediol

When performance matters, choose Susterra® propanediol—the pure, bio-based, petroleum-free diol. Susterra® propanediol is the building block that delivers high performance in a variety of applications, from polyurethanes and unsaturated polyester resins to heat-transfer fluids.

For polyurethanes, Susterra® propanediol is an excellent polyol or chain extender that gives manufacturers flexibility when developing highperforming, bio-based solutions.

As the primary ingredient in heat-transfer fluids, Susterra® propanediol functions as a higher-performing, food-safe glycol for process heating and cooling. Susterra® propanediol has unique performance advantages: it can directly replace propylene glycol yet provides fluid manufacturers with improved performance at both high and low temperatures.




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